Not The Cowardly Lion | Official MUSIC VIDEO

Check it out y’all! Make sure you show my guy James Barmore as much love as he and his crew have shown me! There really isn’t any better feeling than creating something from scratch and having it come to fruition. Here’s to many MANY more!

Directorial Debut!

Directorial Debut!

So it finally happened! With four years officially behind me, my company was blessed with the opportunity to film and direct for James Barmore’s “Not The Cowardly Lion” official music video. Huge and humble thank you to producers The Vanderveers and InRage Entertainment for choosing, trusting, and supporting me on this journey and taking a chance on this up-and-coming director from Virginia.

Thank SO so much to my amazing team and crew for your trust, courage, and support.

DROPPING This Friday, December 7, 2018!

New Job at Millenium!

Millennium’s newest addition to their in-house Videographer team!